Samba veto and .DS_Store OS X files

So i have a samba file share that is accessed by several macs here at work. and since I do not like their .DS_Store files, I have added a couple of lines to the smb.conf to make my live easier! In the [global] section, add these lines:

veto files = /.DS_Store/._.DS_Store/
delete veto files = yes

iOS 5 Discussion Points #1

<Radix> So hang on.. photos you take get pushed to all other devices?
<Shorty> Radix: yeh
<Radix> lol.. I could see that being fun lol
<Radix> no more dirty pics on the iphone
<Shorty> that’s the best part
<Shorty> take pictures of a cock and it’ll appear on the missus phone
<Shorty> 😀
<Shorty> isn’t that what we all want?
<Shorty> 😀
<Boxie> hahahhaha