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Category: Linux

  • Fun times with Vulkan Loaders

    Or how I stopped crashing and learnt to love to game 😀 I recently figured out what was causing me some issues with games running under Proton/Wine/Lutris. I have both RADV and AMDVLK drivers installed and many games/loaders do not cope well when there are multiple choices. This would often result in crashes in games…

  • Mounting a folder from the host inside an LXC container

    sharing folder with host on LXC 1. Create profile (makes life easier) Take this script (a slightly modified version from here), save it and make it executable and save it. #!/bin/bash set -eu _UID=$(id -u) GID=$(id -g) # give lxd permission to map your user/group id through grep root:$_UID:1 /etc/subuid -qs || sudo usermod –add-subuids…

  • Hacking a Cisco/Linksys NSS6000

    So I was given a Cisco/Linksys NSS6000 to upgrade and root.  Luckily I have was also provisioned with the instructions to root this machine. Thanks to some hacker types that had already been and done this the process was relatively straight forward. Create User Insert USB Key Backup Configuration onto USB Key Unmount USB Key Dive into…

  • Now SPDY Enabled!

    So I got bored and installed the apache2 beta mod_spdy module and now you should be served via spdy! You can get the apache module from here:

  • rm: Too Many Files

    Ever come across a folder you need to delete but there are too many files in it? Basically the shell expansion of * attempts to put everything on the commandline – so: jason@server:~/images/# rm * turns into jason@server:~/images/# rm image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg image4.jpg… and there is a limit (albeit rather large) on the length of…

  • Why is my Quad Core VPS Running Slowly?

    Or how a host schedules CPU cycles.

  • The case for turning it off and on again

    So the other day we started having issues with our mail server. The symptom was the mail queue showing hundreds of emails with a message like “SMTP Server rejected at greeting”. Amavis (the mail scanner / coordinator) was rejecting mail and ClamAV was not working properly. We found that simply restarting the Amavis daemon and…

  • Using varnish as a HTTP Router

    A Layer 7 Routing Option

  • when fails to notice disk size increases

    So usually when I am doing online capacity expansions of vmware/raid devices I use a tool called “” and it works. It detects the size increase on the disk and then I run a resize2fs /dev/sdb or something like that. Well, I have come across a time when this tool does not work and I…

  • MD Raid 5 with 2 dropped disks

    How to reassemble a degraded array after a power failure.