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imports "programmer"

WordPress Development

So you are a seasoned PHP developer and have just had a WordPress Project land in your lap but you have never touched wordpress before? Well, the manual is a good place to start, but I found it was a little all over the place, hence these articles. These articles are short with plenty of code examples (because this is what we understand best!).

 How WordPress Works

So if you want to modify any of the default wordpress functionality you will need to use their hooking system of Actions and Filters. An Action is a procedure that modifies behaviour and a Filter is a function that modifies a passed variable and returns it.

Read on and find out about the craziness that is wordpress.

Plugin Development

So you want to add some new functionality to WordPress and need to know where to get started? Well there are some very important differences between Admin and Frontend functionality that you should know about!

General Plugin Setup

  • Initial Plugin Setup
  • Registering your plugin
  • Creating your database tables on the fly
  • Sanity Checking

Administration Interface Development

  • The simple way
  • The hard but more flexible way
  • Menus

Frontend Interface Development

  • Short Codes

Example Plugin

Check out our example plugin that you can use to build your own.

Jason’s Sample Plugin

Theme Development

Every website has to look good, here are some tricks that I some designer friends of mine have done.