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Category: Linux

  • Installing Dropbox on headless linux file server

    So today I decided it was (finally?) time to get a dropbox account. The windows install went fine, but it appears that the linux version is geared up for GUI and not command line config. I had the following requirements: Put the dropbox folder in a place of my own choosing make it work without […]

  • missing SOA records and PowerDNS sending ServFail

    So today I was trying to resolve an issue with a domain we host. Two of our name servers were sending the correct info, the third was not. In the logs of the third name server I was seeing entries like this: Mar 1 08:26:22 ns3 pdns[19262]: Not authoritative for <domain> sending servfail to <ip> […]

  • Samba veto and .DS_Store OS X files

    So i have a samba file share that is accessed by several macs here at work. and since I do not like their .DS_Store files, I have added a couple of lines to the smb.conf to make my live easier! In the [global] section, add these lines: veto files = /.DS_Store/._.DS_Store/ delete veto files = […]

  • mysqldump and non-latin characters

    So today we had an issue where transferring a MySQL database from a development server to a production server caused the text on some pages to have weird characters where apostrophes should have been. My initial thoughts of conversion between character sets was right on the money, but the fix was a little weird. You […]

  • iSCSI and windows 7 home premium backups

    So my new laptop decided to let me know to that I should setup some backups to protect my data. I was somewhat disappointed when I was not able to backup to a network target so I went in search of an answer. I found my answer in iSCSI. I setup my linux server as […]

  • Handy Linux Tips: diff recursive compare on folders

    Handy dandy tip to compare two project folders to see which files are different.

  • Handy grep command for svn

    To quickly search through all the files in a project and not the .svn folders, here is a simple grep command to get you there. grep -R –exclude-dir=”*/.svn*” PATTERN *

  • SVN Protocols and Non standard SSH ports

    Here is an interesting thing I learnt today, you can create customer SVN protocol handlers. Why on earth would you want to do that? Well sometimes you want to use a non standard ssh setup! you can define your non standard ssh protocol quite easily in the [tunnels] section of your ~/.subversion/config file. for example: […]

  • SSH pubkey fun

    I had an interesting issue today where I was not able to use ssh key pairs to log into a box. It turns out that I had loose permissions on the home folder and ssh was silently failing. So with that in mind, here is my guide to file system permissions for successful ssh authentication. […]

  • Atlassian Jira/Crowd Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting issues with Jira and Crowd after we ran out of disk space on the server