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iSCSI and windows 7 home premium backups

So my new laptop decided to let me know to that I should setup some backups to protect my data. I was somewhat disappointed when I was not able to backup to a network target so I went in search of an answer.

I found my answer in iSCSI. I setup my linux server as an iSCSI target and fired up the windows 7 iSCSI Initiator, connected it and then formatted my new disk. Windows backup was more than happy to write to a “local” disk for it’s backups.

So how did I do this? well I setup a 50gig lun1.img file and setup my iSCSI target according to this article on setting up iSCSI on ubuntu and then followed this article on technet for the windows side of things.

Problem Solved! This is the first time I have setup iSCSI and it was surprisingly simple