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Tag: Linux

  • Hacking a Cisco/Linksys NSS6000

    So I was given a Cisco/Linksys NSS6000 to upgrade and root.  Luckily I have was also provisioned with the instructions to root this machine. Thanks to some hacker types that had already been and done this the process was relatively straight forward. Create User Insert USB Key Backup Configuration onto USB Key Unmount USB Key Dive into […]

  • The case for turning it off and on again

    So the other day we started having issues with our mail server. The symptom was the mail queue showing hundreds of emails with a message like “SMTP Server rejected at greeting”. Amavis (the mail scanner / coordinator) was rejecting mail and ClamAV was not working properly. We found that simply restarting the Amavis daemon and […]

  • when fails to notice disk size increases

    So usually when I am doing online capacity expansions of vmware/raid devices I use a tool called “” and it works. It detects the size increase on the disk and then I run a resize2fs /dev/sdb or something like that. Well, I have come across a time when this tool does not work and I […]

  • iSCSI and windows 7 home premium backups

    So my new laptop decided to let me know to that I should setup some backups to protect my data. I was somewhat disappointed when I was not able to backup to a network target so I went in search of an answer. I found my answer in iSCSI. I setup my linux server as […]