package playne

imports "programmer"

Installing Dropbox on headless linux file server

So today I decided it was (finally?) time to get a dropbox account. The windows install went fine, but it appears that the linux version is geared up for GUI and not command line config. I had the following requirements:

  1. Put the dropbox folder in a place of my own choosing
  2. make it work without a GUI

so BEFORE installing dropbox, create a link to the place where you want files to be.

jason@server:~$ ln -s /data/documents/files/dropbox/ Dropbox

Then install dropbox.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox

And the first part was done, now I needed to hook up the install, as this was telling me

$ dropbox start
$ dropbox status
Waiting to be linked to an account...

so after some more digging, I found that I needed to start the dropboxd app manually and watch the output. so:

$ /var/lib/dropbox/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd
This client is not linked to any account...
Please visit to link this machine.

So, I went to that URL in the webbrowser I was already logged in with, it asked for my password – and then authenticated!

Client successfully linked, Welcome Jason!