package playne

imports "programmer"

Why does windows 8 not accept my password?

I have been testing out the new Windows 8 builds from the start, but my one main problem is that once installed, I could not log back in after rebooting! I wrote this off to there being something wrong alpha and beta quality software and didn’t think more of it.

So when I was installing the release preview last night, I kept closer eye on things and noticed that the password field in the setup screen stops taking input after the 16 character has been entered. I also noted that the password field you use to log in will quite happily take more than the 16 characters that the initial box is limited to, thus giving you a bad password!

This is normally all find and dandy, except when you start using xkcd style passwords that are easy to remember and hard to brute force.

The main issue though is that there is no obvious indication that the password length has been cut off. I mean, I have been using this password with my microsoft services for a while now without issue – why should windows 8 be any different?