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  • SVN Protocols and Non standard SSH ports

    Here is an interesting thing I learnt today, you can create customer SVN protocol handlers. Why on earth would you want to do that? Well sometimes you want to use a non standard ssh setup! you can define your non standard ssh protocol quite easily in the [tunnels] section of your ~/.subversion/config file. for example: […]

  • SSH pubkey fun

    I had an interesting issue today where I was not able to use ssh key pairs to log into a box. It turns out that I had loose permissions on the home folder and ssh was silently failing. So with that in mind, here is my guide to file system permissions for successful ssh authentication. […]

  • PuTTY Love

    Cool things to do with Putty: Private and Public Keys If you do not use these yet, you should! Go to the PuTTY download page and download PuTTygen. Create your Public and Private key and put a password on the private key! Don’t want to enter you private key all the time? nor do I – […]