beware the trailing slash…

So, we had an interesting issue with wordpress plugins not using the correct path, so we had busted URLs for their resources. for example:

<img src='' alt='plugin logo'/>

Now, this is obviously ideal since the resource was not being loaded (bad mkay).

The fix is only 1 character believe it or not. Removing the trailing slash from the WP_PLUGIN_DIR config variable fixed the problem!

Why? Well the function that plugins call to get the path they need is called “plugin_basename” and plugin basename assumes that you do not have a trailing slash on your path – here is the code for it – Note the “/|^” and the “/#” to add the trailing slash onto your WP_PLUGIN_DIR and WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR¬†paths.

$file = preg_replace('#^' . preg_quote($plugin_dir, '#') . '/|^' . preg_quote($mu_plugin_dir, '#') . '/#','',$file); // get relative path from plugins dir