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imports "programmer"

JJism – The New Religion

JJism – The New Religion
Sick and Tired of Religion Being Forced done your Throat – Try This

The 10 Commandments of JJism

  1. Thout shall not kill people – This is bad!
  2. Thout shall not piss anyone off – Thou wouldn’t like to be pissed off by some dickhead so don’t be a dickhead yourself.
  3. Thout shall be nice to everyone and they will be nice to thou.
  4. Thout shall not fuck thou best friends girlfriend or boyfriend – this is very bad!
  5. Thout shall buy rounds for others and they shall buy for you. If you don’t drink thou still gotta buy and they shall buy you a coke or something non alcohilic.
  6. If thout eats meat then thou shall eat meat, if thou don’t eat meat then though shall not eat meat.
  7. Thout shall not complain about violent games/TV programs. They are only games/TV programs for fucks sake!
  8. Thout shall not get grumpy once a month if thou is female.
  9. Thout shall find another religion is thout doesn’t like this one
  10. Thout shall SUBMIT so something when thout figures out what thou should be SUBMITting to.

The main goal of JJism is to live your life following most of the commonsense rules that your society provides. These include not speeding in your car, not killing people and not fucking your best friends girlfriend not matter how drunk she was.






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