package playne

imports "programmer"

Senior Bug Developer

  • Albany Classic 2011

    So this weekend we found ourselves in Albany town and the Albany Round the Houses Classic car race was on, awesome!

  • Boob Cake! bestest 31st evar!

    Birthday Boob Cake FTW

  • PuTTY Love

    Cool things to do with Putty: Private and Public Keys If you do not use these yet, you should! Go to the PuTTY download page and download PuTTygen. Create your Public and Private key and put a password on the private key! Don’t want to enter you private key all the time? nor do I –…

  • JJism – The New Religion

    This is for the old skool crew, from way back in the day

  • Another Lazy Weekend

    So here I am, chilling out – thinking how to make wordpress behave nicely with a software load balancing reverse proxy, particularly Varnish Cache. Why you may ask – well I need to get the best performance I can out of my shiny new web setup  at work and Varnish Cache by default does not cache…

  • Rainbow Cake

    Yummy rainbow cake, how awesome does this look!

  • Getting it on…

    So I have finally gone and done it – I have put WordPress on my website in an attempt to have some not so static content. Let’s see how this goes