package playne

imports "programmer"

Senior Bug Developer

  • Using varnish as a HTTP Router

    A Layer 7 Routing Option

  • Why does windows 8 not accept my password?

    When long passwords attack! the case of the cut off passwords during setup and the any password length box at login

  • Mail fun and Sender address Rejected

    So we had some issues with some one else’s mail server not accepting mail from us. the error was: Sender address rejected: Sender domain does not appear to have a SMTP server running on any MX points (in reply to RCPT TO command)) Apparently it did not like mail coming from a non existent account…

  • when fails to notice disk size increases

    So usually when I am doing online capacity expansions of vmware/raid devices I use a tool called “” and it works. It detects the size increase on the disk and then I run a resize2fs /dev/sdb or something like that. Well, I have come across a time when this tool does not work and I…

  • and the meaning of it all

    So I was trawling through the log files here at work today and I noticed some more URLs coming through to one of our customers. So I picked up the phone and called them. It turns out that they have a Yellow Pages listing and have an alternate phone number to call on their…

  • MD Raid 5 with 2 dropped disks

    How to reassemble a degraded array after a power failure.

  • Pauls first Trike Show

    So down at the Canning Districts Social club they had a fund raiser trike and car show today. We got there late in the piece, so I could not get all the awesome machines, but here is what I did get!

  • Proud Daddy Nerd Moment

    So today my 4 year old wrote her first sentence in IRC. [09:47:56] <Boxie> tiana was here. [09:48:23] <Boxie> ^^ and that is Tiana’s first proper sentance written in IRC 😀

  • More weirdness

    So I just had a call from David from doing an investigation into (see my weirdness post) and he had some very interesting things to say. Apparently they are now doing some Google Adwords advertising and they are still changing the phone number and inserting extra stuff. This code was taken from the…

  • Installing Dropbox on headless linux file server

    So today I decided it was (finally?) time to get a dropbox account. The windows install went fine, but it appears that the linux version is geared up for GUI and not command line config. I had the following requirements: Put the dropbox folder in a place of my own choosing make it work without…